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There are many meaningful projects to support. One project is particularly close to our hearts: the education of our children. In this way, we are helping to build the future.What children learn through play today, they will be able to use tomorrow. And where does that make more sense than in first aid? That´s what the project is all about:

First aid for children

Learning to help by playing

We are there!

What do I do in case of burns, a tick bite or poisoning? And above all: How can I help others in an emergency? The Friends and Sponsors of the Rescue Helicopter Christoph 9 e.V. and K&L Verlag have set themselves the goal of answering these questions in a way that is suitable for children and have published an easy-to-understand coloring and workbook for girls and boys of elementary school age. We think: This is a good thing!

Therefore we support the project:
The book, with many pictures to color, playfully teaches the skills needed to administer first aid in emergencies. It tells the story of siblings Mario and Olivia, who, together with their dachshund Waldi, guide the reader through various episodes. On 32 pages, they give tips and advice on burns, heat stroke, tick bites, poisoning or shock. This provides children with age-appropriate knowledge so that they can behave correctly in an emergency and summon help. At the same time, educators, teachers and parents can discuss and practice the illustrations with the children.
Thanks to the support of many local companies, the coloring and workbooks can be distributed free of charge to elementary school children in Solingen. This is a commitment that we are very happy to support.
Would you like to learn more about the project? You can find more information here:"

Photo credit: Fig. @ K&L Publishing House


In the age of smartphones and social media, clubs with their wide range of physical activities are also of particular importance for the social development of our children. Despite the fact that many club members work on a voluntary basis, the clubs are often dependent on support from the local economy.

Good fun and success to the teams!

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